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Kari (born 1989) has 7 years of experience as a Front-end Developer and Digital Designer, and is a digital native who has worked with web and websites, blogging, front-end coding, graphic design, user experience and writing for almost 20 years since childhood. She has specialist expertise in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, responsive design, accessibility, prototyping and various libraries and tools for web development (React, Gatsby, Bootstrap, Sass, Vue, Highcharts, Webpack, Storybook).


Front-end Developer, Making Waves; Oslo, Norway — 2015–Present

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, frontend development for various self-service solutions and service platforms for customers such as Bufdir, KLP and Help.

Interaction Designer, Byte; Oslo, Norway — 2014–2015

Interaction designer, web developer, developed WordPress sites, made illustrations, produced text and copy.

Web Developer, Freelance — 2009–2014

Developed WordPress websites and blogs.

Graphic Designer internship, Ensign; Stavanger, Norway – 2008–2009

Graphic Designer apprentice/internship. Print and webdesign. Made posters, contributed in prospectus design.


2017–Present: The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs

Kari has worked on both the website and on new self-service solutions, React-applications and digital forms. Used React, Formik. Filtering and handling data from API. Implemented responsive design, adapted icons and ensured pixel perfect styling, adapted colors in accordance with WCAG's requirements for universal design. Semantic markup. FullCalendar calendar library. Ensure that the right information is displayed in the right place in a user-friendly way. Implemented responsive infographics. Created animated effects for a more enjoyable user experience. Created components in the Design System.

Created a React single-page application of infographics based on data from an API, using React and Highcharts, SVG-based graphs with interactive functionality that users can click on and adjust to control which areas of the data they want to see. Written detailed instructions for the editors and been involved in interaction design, user testing and building data structure and naming. Reusable components in HTML, CSS and React. Responsive design, adapted the website to different screen sizes and adjusted colors and styling in accordance with WCAG's requirements for accessibility.

Also smaller applications, YouTube videoplayer with JavaScript and YouTube API, developed navigation and menus. Used Azure DevOps actively in her work, both for task handling, code review and pull requests. Experience with agile methodology, created test assignments and been an avid tester.

2016-2017: HELP

Kari developed the user interface for Min Side and was part of a multidisciplinary team of both front-end developers, back-end developers, graphic designers and interaction designers who worked closely with the client. Kari developed in HTML and CSS, implemented responsive design, optimized SVG icons for the web, and contributed to accessibility by adapting colors to WCAG's universal design requirements and writing semantic HTML that makes it easier for the browser to describe the content to users navigating using reading. Kari contributed with views on design and usability, and implemented design adjustments and styles.

2016–2017: Skedsmo kommune

Kari developed and improved frontend-components in the component library using HTML and CSS.

2016: KLP

Kari had the role as a Graphic Designer for KLP's portal Kundeside. She also designed an interactive prototype in HTML, CSS and JavaScript for and contributed with UI-elements to KLP's design system. Kari worked together with a team of developers and interaction designers, and contributed with idea and concept development, user insight and user testing.

2015 – 2016: Jotun

Kari had the role as Front End Developer and Graphic Designer. She designed and developed the internal Change Management project logo and WordPress blog. She also contributed with HTML and CSS to Jotuns intranet.

2015: Orkla

Kari contributed with graphic user interface and HTML/CSS to this proof of concept project for Orkla's digital product catalogue.

2015: Stortinget (Norwegian Parliament)

Kari contributed front-end code (HTML and CSS) to the intranet's organization map. She contributed to the organization map being implemented responsively and flexibly, and that it adapted and automatically to new content published by the content editors.

2015: NoA

Kari developer a WordPress site with portfolio and blog for the year’s NoA interns. Kari developed the website so that the interns can edit the content and showcase their work during their internship. The site is built with WordPress and Advanced Custom Fields, making it flexible and easy for the editors to update and add new content.